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The company


     HAF is a company that was founded in 1992 and is proud to be an innovator in the field of construction, HAF is the first company in Quebec to use ICF pannels in the constructions of buildings.
HAF is not limited to this type of construction but beleive in an healthy and sustainable construction of building philosophy. For over 20 years we have developed a business relationship and friendship with our customers, our good will and honesty have set us apart from our competitors. As SME our business costs are lower and our customers benefit from it. We are able to make our own shop drawings for assemblies that are complex and facilitate the work of our employees / trades, we also have an engineer who helps us for structural solutions, in addition to our project which graduated in architecture, HAF has all the tools for a successful completion of your projects. Since 1992 Haf has made small single-family projects up to Institutional project such as schools or senior person centers with care, without forgeting the commercial and industrial sector. We have extensive experience with all types of construction and in almost all categories of the NBC. We attach great importance to the safety of our customers but also to workers on site respectings the rules of the CSST, we provide a safe site to avoid bad experiences and unexpected delays. In over 20 years of operations HAF has a spotless record, whether with the RBQ or CSST, we are proud of our heritage as a responsible contractor!

M Alain Fourestié President
M René Fourestié Shareholder
M Denis Baribeau Project Manager
M Pierre Gosselin Engineer