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ICF Advantages


Unique construction of quality due to the structural performance of reinforced concrete. As an inert material, concrete is not subject to deterioration caused by mold, rot, insects and rodents, etc. Stability behavior of the building structure in time. Being subject to minimal temperature differences, it benefits from a total lack of maintenance (no cracks, no degradation, no deformation)


Quality thermal insulation (R-28) that generates an energy saving of over 60% compared to a traditional new construction wood, obtained by sealing extraordinary, superior thermal insulation and the use a high-performance heat recovery air exchanger system.


Temperature stability (winter and summer) A quality thermal insulation (R-28) that generates an energy saving of over 60% compared to a traditional new construction in wood. The addition of the concrete floor increases the thermal mass and provides comfort. Long cooling time when heated failure (± 1.5 degrees per 24 hours). Natural freshness in summer thanks to the waterproofing and insulation exception provided by the ICF Permanent. Exceptional sound insulation. Maximum noise isolation (STI min. 60) due to the excellent performance of ICF Permanent


Meets the criteria of "healthy home" to avoid moisture and mold growth. Prevention of mold in the building envelope, through the Permanent ICF ensures the total absence of air space. A notable quality of the air we breathe and better control of allergies due to pollen and dust through superior seal.


Excellent price / quality ratio. Allows the buyer to retain its investment, while promoting increased resale value. Also sevice offer to self-construction


Resistance to earthquakes and strong winds. Increased resistance to extreme natural phenomena increasingly frequent in the current context of climate change. Effective protection against fire (concrete is non-combustible and self-extinguishing polystyrene).


Registering to a residential quality guarantee plan ACQ make possible a certification to energy efficiency program R-2000 from the Department of Canadian resource and program "NOVOCLIMAT". Regular building inspections (warranty plan).