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Services et conseils par des spécialistes en construction

Services and advice offered by HAF

• Service of plans and engineerings.
• Free price quote Services.
• Project Management Service
• Construction of shells or turnkey project.
• Advisory Service needs analysis
• Consulting services to prepare or validate the plan of construction to ensure it meets your needs and aspirations
• Advisory Service to establish the project budget
• Advisory Service to identify materials
• Advisory Service to identify experienced trades with this type of construction
• Conduct a part of the work for you
• Technical support
• Troubleshooting any time during the execution of your construction project
• Our involvement in each case can be very diverse and very flexible.
• Support Service for auto manufacturer.
You can look confidently our list of partners that covers most of the stages of construction and refer you to professionals who work with HAF for several years.

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General Contractor

You have a project, we take it in its entirety.
• HAF built houses and buildings of all kinds since 1980. Our expertise in the field of construction allows us to offer turnkey projects in the required timeframe.
• HAF works as a team with architects suggested by the client to complete the project quickly.
• HAF is proud to introduce you to some of his achievements.

Project management

From needs analysis at the end of the project, HAF takes over all stages of construction. HAF ensure contract the various trades and make a careful management of all operations.